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Quality is in the detail

What we say on the label is truly an honest representation of what is in the product

Quality needs to extend to the information on the label too, and Lamberts® has pioneered the accurate labelling of dietary supplements. Consistent production and labelling on all our products enables us to deliver comprehensive information and quality to our customers. As you will see, we do not hesitate to declare everything that our products include.  

Lamberts labelling explained

To be sure that our tablets or capsules contain the active ingredients specified, we know that certain inactive ingredients need to be used. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to produce food supplements without using some inactive ingredients and products whose labels do not show any are in our opinion, either inaccurately made or inaccurately labelled.
We adhere to the strict requirements of the Department of Health (DOH) and American regulations and take considerable care to use the correct terms for all the ingredients used in our products.

Nutrient Reference Values

Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) are EU guidance levels on the daily amount of a vitamin or mineral required by the average healthy person to prevent against deficiency. NRVs are currently set for 13 vitamins and 14 minerals. Where a product includes any of these vitamins or minerals, you will see the %NRV on our label. This is the proportion of the NRV value that is included in the given product.

Nutrient Reference Values Table

A careful consideration of allergens

Whilst most Lamberts® products do not contain any of the materials known to cause allergic reactions in some people, we ensure that all our products are clearly labelled with potential allergens. Our food allergy labelling fully complies with the requirements set out in the EU Food Information Consumers Regulation (EU FIC). This means that all allergens are highlighted using a bold typeset – fish, for instance, as well as including a statement signposting the customer to allergy advice, using the wording: ‘Allergy advice – For allergens, see ingredients listed in bold’. This statement will include warnings on possible allergen cross-contamination, too, with the preface ‘may contain’.



All our labels also include a Best Before End (BBE) date. This guarantees that a product will still contain the levels of nutrients declared on the label at the time of purchase, thus ensuring its potency and stability. As well as this, we operate a full 'batch recall' system. This means that, should we ever need to, we could contact customers who had bought from a particular batch.

For further information on our products and ethos, please visit Potency is Key.