Multiple Formulas

Most people are aware of the need to eat a balanced diet, but in reality few of us really understand what that might actually consist of. And whilst we all know about the ‘5-a-day’ rule, a significant proportion of us still fail to achieve it, even though it really is a very modest intake of fruit and vegetables.

However, one thing the modern diet does provide is plenty of energy, in the form of the dreaded calories, and despite this abundance, the surprising fact is that the intake of micronutrients is often barely adequate.

Since all individuals’ nutritional needs are different, and often change with age and circumstance, we have formulated a range of multi-nutrient formulas so there should be one that is right for the vast majority of people.

A multiple formula is frequently the mainstay of a supplement programme upon which other nutrients such as Fish Oil, Glucosamine and herbs can then be added.