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Potency and Nutrient Presentation

We strongly feel that there are two areas of the food supplement industry where marketing hype is often allowed to take precedence over the science of nutrition; namely the common practice of including ingredients in formulas at levels that are, in terms of nutrition, completely irrelevant. And secondly, not choosing the most relevant form of the nutrient.

Take lutein as an example. Some manufacturers overstate their lutein levels, claiming the weight of the preparation rather than just the lutein. We feel this is misleading so we simply provide you with the pure, free-form amount.

At Lamberts, we use pure lutein since this is chemically identical to the lutein found in green leafy vegetables. Whereas some other companies use lutein esters which are chemically different from the lutein found in green leafy vegetables. We feel the product label should make it clear which form of lutein has been used but sadly this is not always the case.