Zinc is important for a strong immune system as well as the maintenance of healthy skin and a good complexion. It is a component of many enzymes and is a constituent of insulin.
Zinc is also important for reproductive health. Yet a staggering one out of three adults in the UK fails to consume sufficient dietary zinc. We present zinc in tablet, capsule and liquid form, and in potencies ranging from 15mg to 50mg.
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Zinc 25mg (as Citrate) Zinc 25mg (as Citrate) Code: 8286 8286-120 £7.95 Buy
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Zinc Plus Lozenges Zinc Plus Lozenges Code: 8284 8284-100 £7.95 Buy
Zincatest<sup>®</sup> Zincatest® Code: 8285 8285-100 £7.50 Buy
Chromium Complex Chromium Complex Code: 8236 8236-60 £10.99 Buy