Dietary intakes of selenium in the UK during the 70's were nearly twice the level we consume today and official figures from MAFF show that the selenium intake for 80% of adults is now below the recommended daily intake.
We insist that our selenium is supplied in an organic compound to help absorption. Not every company does this but then it is 3 times more expensive than the inorganic form!
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Selenium 200µg Selenium 200µg Code: 8269 8269-60 £7.95 Buy
Selenium 200µg + A+C+E Selenium 200µg + A+C+E Code: 8273 8273-100 £8.95 Buy
Multi-Guard<sup>®</sup>Advance Multi-Guard®Advance Code: 8432 8432-60 £15.50 Buy
Multi-Guard<sup>®</sup> Multi-Guard® Code: 8442 8442-30 £7.50 Buy 8442-90 £18.95 Buy
Multi-Guard<sup>®</sup>Control Multi-Guard®Control Code: 8441 8441-120 £22.95 Buy