Fruit Concentrates

'Superfruits’ are a unique group of nutrient-rich fruits that contain natural compounds shown to have significant benefits to health.
Indeed there is currently much interest in this area with researchers continuing to explore the benefits of these few exceptional fruits that include, for example, sour cherries and elderberries. As a leader in the field of nutrition, Lamberts® are delighted to introduce 3 fruit concentrates from this emerging new field in nutritional science.
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Imuno-Strength<sup>®</sup> Imuno-Strength® Code: 8601 8601-500 £16.50 Buy
Cherry Concentrate Cherry Concentrate Code: 8602 8602-500 £16.50 Buy
Pomegranate Concentrate Pomegranate Concentrate Code: 8604 8604-500 £17.25 Buy