It is well established that many people's diets provide insufficient supplies of calcium. And this problem isn’t just confined to adults as official figures show that 71% of UK female teenagers aged between 16 to 18 years old fail to consume adequate calcium from the diet and that there are a quarter of UK 4 year-olds following this trend as well.
In addition to our top selling bone health formula, Osteoguard, we also supply calcium as a chewable tablet that is suitable for all ages and especially children.
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Osteoguard<sup>®</sup> Osteoguard® Code: 8226 8226-30 £5.75 Buy 8226-90 £11.45 Buy
Chewable Calcium 400mg Chewable Calcium 400mg Code: 8222 8222-60 £8.50 Buy
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