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L-Theanine 200mg

Pure, Free-form
  • Theanine is an amino acid present in normal tea and believed to be responsible for that unique 'nice cup of tea' feeling
  • Lamberts L-Theanine is one of the leading brands in the UK
  • Responsive within the body in the first few hours
  • Only one a day required
Product code: 8320
Product Description
L-Theanine is a fascinating amino acid that is present in normal tea and is believed to be responsible for that unique 'nice cup of tea' feeling. Supplements of L-Theanine are now very popular, particularly in the USA, and Lamberts® L-Theanine is one of the leading brands in the UK.

Unlike most supplements that need to be part of a regime for several weeks before any effect may be noted, with L-Theanine there is a response within the first few hours of use.
Other Information
Allergen advice
See presentation section for ingredients listed in bold.
The following list of allergens are excluded: Wheat, Barley, Soya, Eggs, Milk (and milk products), Lactose, Nuts, Sulphites, Celery, Fish, Shellfish, Yeast and Gluten containing ingredients.

This product is not recommended for children or pregnant or lactating women.

Storage instructions
To be sotred in a cool dry place.

Legal Category
Food Supplement
A white coated oval tablet.

Each tablet provides:
L-Theanine 200mg

Tableted With:
Calcium Carbonate, Cellulose, Anti-caking agents (Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid & Magnesium Stearate), Crosslined Cellulose Gum, Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerin).

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Usage & Administration
Take 1 tablet daily with a meal.
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