Special Offers

  • Probioguard®

  • This probiotic provides four carefully selected strains of live bacteria that have been used in clinical studies. Formulated for overseas travellers and following a course of antibiotics. Suitable for all ages including children and during pregnancy.

  • 60 Capsules £19.95
  • OracOmega®

  • This is a high strength fish oil product supplying an impressive 760mg of Omega 3’s per two capsules, plus natural plant extracts of green tea, rosemary and oregano providing an antioxidant level of 2,500 ORAC units.

  • 120 Capsules £18.50
  • Echinacea Cold & Flu Relief Tablets

  • Lamberts® Echinacea Cold & Flu Relief Tablets is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to treat the symptoms of the common cold and influenza type infections Based on traditional use only.
  • 60 Tablets £14.95
  • Siberian Ginseng 1500mg

  • A ‘gentle’ alternative to Korean ginseng and recommended to help maintain that ‘get up and go’ feeling. This is a high potency one-a-day product based on a pure extract with guaranteed eleutheroside levels.

  • 60 Tablets £10.45
  • Vitamin B-50 Complex

  • Offer's apply to 250 Fill. Almost every process in the body requires B vitamins. Our one-a-day Vitamin B-50 Complex is a high potency, comprehensive complex of the important B vitamin group that came out top in independent analysis.

  • 250 Tablets £26.95
    60 Tablets £9.95
  • Vitamin D3 1000iu

  • Around 60% of the UK population is vitamin D deficient and low levels have been linked to serious health problems. Each capsule provides 1000iu of vitamin D, 5 times the RDA, and the level often recommended.

  • 120 Capsules £8.95
  • Multi-Guard®

  • Offer applies to 90 fill size. This is probably the most comprehensive one-a-day multi vitamin and mineral formula available, with all the 28 nutrients presented at relevant levels. No wonder it is many practitioners first choice.

  • 30 Tablets £7.50
    90 Tablets £18.95
  • Time Release Vitamin C 1000mg

  • Offers apply to 180 fill size. These 1000mg tablets are produced by a special process that allows a gradual release of vitamin C which replicates the natural process of food digestion. With the added advantage of bioflavonoids and rose hips.

  • 180 Tablets £16.70
    60 Tablets £7.30
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