• Colladeen® Derma Plus

  • This product is formulated to support the health of skin and increase the body’s natural defences against sun damage. High strength anthocyanidins are combined with lutein and green tea extract.

  • 60 Tablets £19.95
  • Eyewise®

  • Lamberts® Eyewise® is one of the UK’s leading lutein supplements and provides 20mg of pure lutein per tablet. Lutein helps to protect the macula of the eye from damage by harmful wavelengths in sunlight.

  • 60 Tablets £19.95
  • Maximum Strength Colladeen®

  • This is the UK’s top selling product based on fascinating plant compounds called anthocyanidins which play a role in helping the body to protect and repair collagen, the tough protein that gives skin its elasticity.

  • 60 Tablets £16.95
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